Services Provided


  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify strengths, needs and problem areas · Advocate for patients within a complex medical system. Ensure their healthcare wishes and end of life decisions are met throughout the aging process · Prepare detailed care plan  
  • Arrange, screen and monitor in-home care, determine types of services that are right for a client.  Observe changes and potential risks of exploitation or abuse 
  • Crisis Intervention with 24 hour availability
  • Act as liaison to families out of the area by overseeing care and quickly alerting them to problems · Assist by evaluating and selecting appropriate level of housing and detailing appropriate options · Assist in moving clients to or from home, retirement complex, assisted living, rehabilitation or nursing home  
  • Medical management – attending doctor appointments, facilitating communication between doctor, client, and family, and if appropriate, monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions
  • Communication – keeping family members and professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the client ·  Overseeing the quality of care provided in the home or in a facility.  
  • Reviewing      financial, legal, and medical issues and offer safe referrals and/or consults with      an elder law attorney; estate planners, financial planners and trust      officers
  • Make referrals to community      based programs that provide opportunity for client to engage in social,      recreational, or cultural activities that enrich the quality of life
  • Customized services based on      clients request or needs